Accuride slides installation

Accuride slides installation

Due to high production quality standards ball guidance and elements of slide fits together with high guidance accuracy giving smooth, precise and light moving during catalogue specified lifecycle. An important prerequisite for this is that the installation and loading of the slides must meet the manufacturer's requirements.

The most relevant points regarding these requirements are the followings:

Load rating:

  • Load ratings quoted are the maximum for a pair of side mounted slides installed 450mm apart, unless otherwise stated.

  • The measurements are taken between and at the midpoint of the drawer member and are given in kg.

  • Load ratings quoted are dynamic. Accuride® slides have a 100% static safety factor in the extended position.

  • Horizontally (flat) mounting the slides reduces the load capacity to at least 25% of the vertical (side) mount capacity. Not all slide models can be used in flat mount applications.

Mounting method and spaces:

  • Precision slides cannot absorb large gap deviations between the cabinet and the drawer. The cabinet and drawer must be square and parallel to each other for optimal working of the pair of slides.

  • For optimum performance allow between +0.2mm and +0.5mm over the nominal slide thickness.

  • For the recommended, acceptable and not-recommended slide position see the catalogue How to select a slide section.

For the technical details mentioned above and more, please find “How to select a slide” pages of Accuride catalogue.

We also recommend the video illustrations available on the manufacturer’s website.