1.    Functionality

Following functions are available on our online service:


  • View quotes, placing an ordering from existing quote
  • details of orders, repeat order
  • details of invoices, invoices online payment
  • favourite items
  • view/delete own (customer) catalogue numbers
  • data modification menu
    • view customer data
    • view/update personal contact details
    • view/add/delete address
    • change password
    • send individual requests
    • adding a new online services contact
    • help
  • upload order/quote from csv

2.    Search function

In the search bar, enter the item number you are looking for. If there is a match, the list(s) of item(s) will be displayed. Use the "" search operator to fine tune the list of results - For example, a search for GN 300 will return all results that contain GN or 300. However, if you put "GN 300" between quotation marks, the hit list will only show items where GN and 300 are consecutive and separated by a space.

If you advise your own item number and either we or you yourself record this in the Customer Item code menu it allows you to search among our products by using your own article number. To do this, please enter your item number in the search bar.

3.    Items

In addition to the search engine, you can also access a specific product through the product categories on the main page. By selecting a product, you can learn all details, download the datasheet and 3D model by clicking on the appropriate button. The current availability of the product is shown, helping you to choose among items. Furthermore, the package units, weight data and the price of the product are also displayed.

The displayed price is the price we have for you in our system. If a product has scale-pricing it is also shown! Individually quoted prices can only be listed at open offers, where you can select the offer number to view its contents and place and order for it!

If you wish to order from the quoted price, you must start your order routine from the quote section by using the order button! You can only order from an approved offer!

“In Stock" shows the quantity currently available and free allocable volume - not reserved for others.

"Stocked item " shows the item we always replenish independently from a prior customer order. Regardless of this, our current stock can be also 0 and replenish in progress.

By filling in the quantity field, the requested quantity can be added to the shopping basket by clicking on the basket button. It is also possible to add more than the currently available quantity to the basket.

If we have product available, you can order the "Package quantity in stock" or a multiple of it, but only up to our stock volume. If you would like to order a larger quantity, you can order it based on the "Package quantity over in stock”

If the quantity in stock is not a multiple of the package quantity, you can add the excess to your basket!

4.    Quotes menu

In the offers menu you can view the quotes that are recorded in our system.  

The status of the "Approved" column indicates whether the request has been processed. Once this has been done and our written offer has been sent, the request has been accepted.  

If the status of the document is closed, the offer is invalid.

The quote details can be displayed by selecting the offer number at the beginning of the lines.

If you have any comments about the offer, you can send them to our customer service by writing them in the text box beneath.  

You can order the open lines of your approved and open quote by clicking on the "Place Order" button that appears in the quote details. To place an order, please note the following:

  • MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity
  • the open quantity for the line is the maximum quantity that can be ordered
  • ordering more than the MOQ must be in accordance with the packaging unit

When submitting a quote the following data can be modified:

  • your customer order number (your system's quote number)
  • delivery time what you requested
  • delivery method
  • complete or partial delivery
  • delivery address
  • payment method (you can choose among the previously set methods only)
  • comment field

5.    Order menu

In the orders menu you can view your orders that are recorded in our system.  

The status of the "Approved" column indicates whether your order has been processed. A status of "Yes" indicates that the order has been accepted. We will then send you a written confirmation.

If the status of the order is closed, it has been already delivered.

You can view the order details by selecting the order number at the beginning of the lines.

If you have any comments about the item, you can send them to our customer service by writing them in the text box below.

The fields displayed are explained as follows:

  •  requested delivery date: the delivery date you have requested
  • confirmed delivery date: date and quantity, the given quantity will be delivered on the given date. If blank, we do not have this information yet
  • quantity: the quantity you requested
  • open quantity: the quantity that we have not yet delivered/you have not yet received
  • stock shortage: the quantity not in stock, which we will order from our supplier on your request

6.    Invoices menu / Pay an invoice

In the invoices menu you can view the invoices we have issued to you.

You can view the details of your invoice by selecting the invoice number at the beginning of each line. If the status of the invoice is closed, the invoice has been settled, if it is open, it is still waiting for payment.

You can pay your unpaid invoices by credit card by selecting the text "Pending payment" next to the invoice.

7.    Spring selector

By selecting a tile in the "Springs, gas springs" product category on the main page, you will be able to search our range of springs by knowing some physical parameters of the spring you are looking for. You can select springs for the following spring types:

  • compression spring
  • extension spring
  • DIE springs - ISO
  • conical springs
  • torsion springs
  • disc spring washers
  • curves spring washers
  • wave spring washers

On the page appears after selecting the spring type, you can set the parameters using the sliders beneath the spring drawing

You can set the sliders to the initial state by clicking on the "Reset" button below the slider bar.

Products with "In Stock" status are immediately available from our stock.

Products with the status "Express shipping" are in stock at the Manufacturer, so we can get them as soon as possible.

The status "Stocked" indicates that the item should be in stock independently from a prior customer order. Regardless of this, our current stock can be 0, in which case we will automatically replenish our stock by our next supplier order.

Types matching the set parameters are automatically listed if the hit list is below 100.  If more than that, a warning is given to narrow down the parameters. If no matches are found, please change the search criteria after resetting.

In the results list that appears, you can view the parameters of the springs and their current stock. By clicking on the shopping basket icon, you can find out the price of the products depending on the quantity, add the desired quantity to your shopping basket.

Below the table, you will find all the important technical information about the spring type, to help you make the right choice.

8.     Data modification menu

8.1    View customer data

It is not possible to modify the data displayed here, you need to request modification via the text box beneath will be carried out by our customer service. Requests will be kept as a log and can be viewed later in the text box!

8.2    Change personal data

You can change the following information:

  • position
  • telephone number
  • mobile phone number
  • e-mail address
  • password

8.3    View addresses / add and modify shipping address

This menu gives you the possibility to manage your delivery addresses stored in our system. You can delete your address considering that a delivery address must remain in our system. The default delivery address cannot be deleted!

You can register a new delivery address by clicking on "New delivery address".

You will have the option to set the default address as the one that suits you the best, so that in case of a future request for quotation or order, our system will offer you the address you have set here. Of course, you can change this setting at any time, or you can choose other address in the system during your quotation/order!

8.4    Add a new contact

This menu gives you the possibility to add your colleague as a new user in our system. You will need to enter the name, e-mail address, telephone number and job title of the new contact. If the information provided is already recorded in our system, our colleagues will approve the entry. If your colleague is not already in our system, He/She can create access him/herself by an e-mail sending to their mailbox.

9.    Basket

The basket contains the items you have collected. You can start your request for a quote or order for these items by selecting the appropriate button. When you use this function, the items in your basket will be entered into our system and the basket will be emptied. The "Empty basket" button will delete all the items collected. As long as you do not request an offer or place an order, or empty your shopping basket, the contents will be retained even after you exit, so you can continue the process you left off at any time.

You still have the possibility to change the quantity of the item before sending it. The quantity amended depends on the packing unit of the item! You can also access the product data sheet by selecting the Item number here! If you change the quantity of an item to 0, it will be deleted from your shopping basket.

9.1    Send a quote request

When sending a request for a quote, you can enter/modify the following data:
(These details will be imported into the order placed from approved offer. Of course, and if necessary, you can change these data when just about to place an order)

  • delivery time what you requested
  • your customer order number (your system's quote number)
  • delivery method
  • complete or partial delivery
  • delivery address
  • payment method (you can choose only to set up for you in our system)
  • comment field

The quote will be sent to your e-mail address after internal approval.

9.2    Place an order / pay by credit card

When placing an order, the following data can be modified:

  • delivery time what you requested
  • your customer order number (your system's order number)
  • delivery method
  • complete or partial delivery
  • delivery address
  • payment method (you can choose only to set up for you in our system)
  • comment field

Speed of delivery: if the quantity ordered exceeds our current stock and do not wish to wait until volume completed, please select the "Partial delivery - fast" option. This option may increase the delivery cost!

If you choose the "Complete delivery - Save" option, we wait until all your products hit our stock and ship them all at once!

Your order will be confirmed by e-mail after processing.  

You can pay for your order online by selecting the appropriate payment method and our system will redirect you to a secure payment page - independent of our website - where you can pay with your credit card.

10.    Upload data to our system

By selecting the Upload Order/Quote menu, you can simply upload your item list to the basket converted to CSV format in advance to place an order or request for a quotation. When uploading, you can also use your own identifiers if they are already in our system.

Mandatory data:

  • item code (Biotek or own code (if our system contains it)
  • quantity

Optional data (if they do not exist in the file, then tick out at the end of the column):

  •  requested delivery date (may vary from item to item)
  • your order number (the data in the first row is entered in our system)
  • comment (the data in the first row will be entered in our system)

11.     Chat modul
You can contact our support team by writing to the Chat window at the bottom right of the screen