Control knobs and levers


Control knobs and levers

Control knobs

Engineering plastic or metal control knobs, stainless steel-knurled control knobs, adjustable knobs, with or without flange are available with indices or graduations.

This kind of control elements are suitable to make adjustments of machine shafts in both directions of rotation and to maintain the shaft in the selected position even when subjected to vibrations. The locking system of the control knobs prevents uncontrolled movements of the shaft and represents a safety factor.


Control levers

Indexing levers and control levers are particularly suitable for performing adjustments, regulations and positioning operations. 

These control levers are characterised by ergonomic design, also awarded by the most prestigious juries for Industrial Design. The ergonomics allows the operator to use high forces during operations in an easy way, while the terminal at the end of the levers offers an outlet effective and safe.