Haeger insertion machines


Haeger-gpek.pngAs automation continues to drive the future of fastener installation in many industries, Haeger® is excited to introduce the robot ready Haeger® -5 Control System. This new system is available with our newest line of Haeger® fastener installation machines. From our standard product line of insertion machines to our build-to-order products and custom-engineered solutions, Haeger® can provide you with a totally unified solution for virtually any insertion challenge. 1 2 3 World-Renowned Fastener Insertion Technology Improve Productivity and Quality Control The new Haeger® machines provide easy integration and full control of specific machine functionality across your entire automation line. Flexible Communications Protocols Robot or automation integration is available through PROFINET®, PROFIBUS®, DeviceNet®, Modbus, and multiple straight I/O options. Secure Linux® Operating System Linux-based operating system and software package provides stability and unmatched security features for all of your fastener installation applications.

Haeger® Machines and PEM® Fasteners – YOUR TOTAL SYSTEM SOLUTION Whether your shop is new to hardware insertion or inserts millions of fasteners each year, Haeger’s solution-oriented approach ensures you get the correct system for your precise application. And you can get even greater efficiency and reliability when you use Haeger® installation systems with PEM® fasteners – specifically engineered to work together as a total system solution for practically any production need.