PINET hinge solutions

PINET hinge solutions

We are pleased to present the products of our latest manufacturer relationship is Pinet. With almost 100 years experiences in hinge development and production, hinges give the main part of Pinet’s range, but latches and handles also can be found within his products.

Hinges are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, die-casting metal alloys, polymers and some types of carbon-cevlar. Their production methods depend on the design and raw material.

Seeing the functionality, besides the common and continuous hinges, spring loaded, friction, positioning, concealed, dampened and more various designed hinges take places in the product range.

Pinet is open for unique, customer specified solutions. Depending on the volumes the modification of existing product or a complete new design also an alternative.

Main hinge types:

  • continuous hinges

  • concealed hinges

  • spring loaded hinges

  • friction and positioning hinges

  • hinges with dampening

  • heavy-duty hinges

  • polymer and carbon-kevlar hinges

  • common hinges

  • various hinges

  • unique hinges for customer’s need

You can browse in our hinge product selector pages extended with Pinet hinges, where you can find Pinet between our other hinge types like Southco or Elesa+Ganter.