E5-6A - cam latch with extended housing

E5-6A - cam latch with extended housing

Southco’s extended housing E5 Fixed Grip Cam Latch accommodates panel and door thicknesses up to 52mm.The extended housing E5 Fixed Grip Cam Latch delivers light compression, and is ideal for applications where energy efficiency is a key design consideration.

E5 Cam Latch series is now available with a plastic roller-style cam that reduces operational force and provides light compression for simple enclosure applications. Providing secure cam engagement and up to 2mm of light-duty compression, the Roller Cam eliminates vibration and rattling during operation. The cam roller rotates smoothly onto the frame when the user operates the latch, minimizing the frictional force that traditionally occurs when using a flat cam, which can make a door more difficult to open or close.

Southco has also released a Flush Cup accessory that can be combined with any of Southco’s E5 Cam Latches to meet NEMA 4 and IP65 requirements for water and dust protection.


  • zinc alloy black powder coated or chrome plated head

  • 14 different head design

  • slotted

  • 8mm hex recess

  • triangle (7 and 8mm)

  • square (7 and 8mm)

  • double bit (3 and 5mm)

  • 8mm square recess

  • Bellcore (216 and electronic style)

  • railway standard

  • recessed slot (tamper resistant)

  • blank

  • 1-51mm panel range

  • flat and roller cams for 5-82mm grip range


Typical applications:

  • industrial equipment with thick panels

  • HVAC

  • etc.