E3-B – compression latch, bi-stable cover series

E3-B – compression latch, bi-stable cover series

This latest addition to the Southco E3 latch family has a unique head design that, when used with a matching latch cap, allows the closed or open condition to be easily detected by the naked eye. The cap can only close fully when closed, making accidental opening easier to detect than conventional types.

Both the latch and the cap are made of stainless steel material and comply with EN 45545-3 E60 for corrosion resistance. Adjustable and fixed grip versions and clockwise and anti-clockwise operation can be found in the range as well.


  • AISI 316 and 304 stainless steel material

  • adjustable and fixed grip versions

  • 7mm triangle, 7 and 8mm square, rail and Bellcore 216 key head designs

  • fixed grips: 20-38mm

  • adjustable grips: 16,4-81,2mm

  • for doors up to 18mm thickness

  • clockwise and counter-clockwise closing options

  • bi-stable head cover: E3-80-252-40

Typical applications:

  • vehicles

  • pharmaceutical and chemical industry

  • other machinery, equipment

  • etc.

The catalogue pages with further details of the E3-B type clamp type with head for bi-stable head cover be viewed and downloaded in PDF format from our website.